I’m a firm believer in Deep Work, so this page lists the preferable ways to contact me. I usually respond to all reasonable communications within a few days.

Email: andrew@andrewmatveychuk.com

This is the easiest way to get in touch with me.

LinkedIn: andrewmatveychuk

My profile covers my professional background with sufficient details. If you want to receive my up-to-date CV, please email me. I accept connections only from the people I’ve met or worked with and don’t respond to the request from people I don’t know unless they specified their reason.

GitHub: andrewmatveychuk

You can find the source code I reference in my posts in my GitHub repositories. I do my best to document my work and provide the links to relevant articles or blog posts where appropriate.

Facebook: andrew.matveychuk

I share my blog posts for the public, so feel free to follow me. I accept friend requests only from people I know well enough, but you are welcome to follow my public updates and comment on them. I review and answer the comments on a regular basis.

Twitter: @andymatveychuk

You can follow me on Twitter as well. I regularly share my blog posts updates and other Azure and DevOps-related news there.


You can find me on Skype via my email address. I’ll respond if I’m scheduled to talk with you. I try to keep interruptions to the minimum, so please use email to schedule your call in advance.

Public PGP key: Keybase

If you need to send me something really confidential, you can use my public key to encrypt your message so that only I can read it.