Hi! I’m Andrew Matveychuk, a passionate IT professional, avid reader and blogger. These days, I mostly work with Microsoft Azure solutions, and I am a certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, Azure Security Engineer Associate, Azure Administrator Associate and Azure Virtual Desktop specialist.

Azure Solutions Architect Expert Azure Security Engineer Associate Azure Administrator Associate Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty

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Note to a reader

There are a few reasons I started this blog. First of all, I was inspired by the ideas of Scott Hanselman and John Sonmez about exposing and marketing yourself as a professional and why it is important in today’s world. Secondly, as a non-native speaker, I wanted to practice my writing in English and improve my communication skills in general. And last but not least, I would like to share my knowledge and experience with my readers.


I began my journey to the world of computers back in the late ’90s while I was studying at high school. At that time, my dad occasionally took me to his office, where I could get my hands on ES EVM, a clone of IBM’s System/360.

After finishing my first year in college, I assembled my first PC from used and spare parts. It was an Intel 286 computer with an EGA video card and a display that supported sixteen simultaneous colors (a big deal at that time!). I spent all summer reading books on Pascal and C programming languages and making deliberate attempts to solve the programming challenges from them.

I started working part-time as a computer technician right after earning my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. My first work experience was in a local system integrator company in Ukraine, where I worked in different roles for more than ten years and gained broad knowledge in system, network and database administration.

In 2012, before advancing in my career, I took a break. I traveled overseas, visited other countries, practiced my English and looked for inspiration. A year later, I joined one of the largest IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine and got involved in IT transformation projects where I was designing various systems as well as leading and coaching my colleagues. During that time, I got interested in emerging cloud computing, specifically in Microsoft Azure, and became an early adopter of cloud services.

For more details on my professional background, you can check my LinkedIn profile.


Currently, I’m based in Slovakia and can be contacted via the contact page. I’m happy to be emailed about any suggestions or corrections for the material.


This blog, its content and its opinions are my own only and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of my former or current employers.